Our ROC Adventure

Can we help preserve your legacy, and enjoy Rochester for generations?

Have you been considering downsizing? Is home maintenance getting to be a burden? Do you have a few extra acres you haven't been able to maintain the last few years? This is exactly where we can help each other!

We are JD and Stacy DiGiacomandrea and we love Rochester. We grew up in Rochester, I (JD) left and went to school at Clarkson and Stacy went to Alfred State. We met when we both came back to Rochester after school, started dating in 2014 and got engaged in 2019. We planned on getting married in 2020, but instead eloped when COVID hit. We didn't let a little virus stop us though, and we eloped in Tupper Lake on a waterfall in September 2020 and we are so happy to be starting our adventure together!

We bought a little house in Macedon back in 2015 as a fixer upper and have been doing just that for years. This place was perfect for a young couple with ambition and willing to work, and there was a lot of work to be done! We learned how to do everything ourselves to make this place livable, and save a few dollars while we were at it. We tore out walls, moved ducting, re-wired, re-plumbed, gutted bathrooms, replaced flooring, and that's the easy stuff. We converted it from oil to natural gas, installed a new furnace, hot water tank, stove, island, fridge, dish washer, and the list goes on. We just got done re-shingling part of the roof ourselves. Needless to say, we are a lot better at home repair than 7 years ago. 

Now we are expecting our first baby (its a boy!) in September! We are so excited for our bundle of joy, and we need more space. Our house right now is just too small, and on a very busy corner. We want to give this little guy the best childhood and the safest place to grow up. We are struggling to find a place though, as the market has gone crazy and the biggest problem is low inventory. We have looked at so many places over the past few years, and just can't find a place to raise our baby. 

We are excited to raise our baby boy (and maybe more?) in Rochester! They will get to experience all the fun things we did when growing up like the Strong Museum of Play, Erie Canal, little league, soccer, Boy Scouts, all of our local parks and the finger lakes! Rochester is an amazing city, and the surrounding areas are the best place to live in America (in our opinion!).  We love to make maple syrup, garden, and enjoy Rochester. We are having trouble finding our next home though!

Have you been considering downsizing? Is maintenance getting to be a burden? Do you have a few extra acres you haven't been able to maintain the last few years? This is exactly where we can help one another. We want to help preserve the home you have built and raised your family in for another generation, by raising our family there.

If you are visiting this site, that means we reached out to you, and were wondering if you would consider an offer on your property. We would love to just have a conversation with you if you are. If that is something you might be interested in we can provide an offer and create a win-win situation. Fill in your contact details below and we can connect in whatever way works best for you. 

We really look forward to talking soon!


JD and Stacy DiGiacomandrea