How would this work?

Tell us about your property

Give us a call, text or email and we can talk about your property.  If you put your information in the form on the front page we can reach out when it is most convenient for you. 

We want to hear about the story of your home, what its like, and what issues you have. This is just a simple, no obligation conversation. Plus we love getting to know other people who love Rochester like we do.

We will visit the property, and then present you with an official written offer

If you are interested in entertaining an offer we would make a house call to meet with you at the property. We would love to meet you there and see the property with you. Once we have taken a look at the property we can make a fair offer.

We won't require any repairs or concessions. No need to fix that leak, or replace carpets etc. 

We are flexible to close on any date you would like. We can also provide ample time to arrange movers!

In the interest of full disclosure, we have purchased a few properties this way, and renovated them in the Rochester area. We do all our own remodeling, and either live in them or rent them to great families in the area. We understand the process of closing on properties without a real estate agent, saving us both money and time.

We get to close at a local reputable real estate attorney's office

We can buy the your home in any condition. If it needs repairs, a little maintenance, or its move in ready. We can do this because we can make a cash offer and avoid bank underwriting. We can also close with a great local real estate attorney. You can use your attorney as well to ensure the process goes smoothly. We can close as quickly as 30 days, or anytime on your schedule with this process.